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50x 5.0-inch LCD Digital Telescope & Monocular DV with 1080P video and 14M photo capture
Model No: UM053
* 50x
* 5.0-inch LCD
* 1080P video
* 14M photo
* Micro-SD Storage
* Rechargeable Battery

The 50x 5.0-inch LCD Digital Telescope & Spotting Scope is a new-generation portable, easy to operate Digital telescope & Monocular DV that allows you to see what in the distance (up to 1000m) on its 5.0-inch high resolution IPS display clearly. It enables you to capture stunning 1080p video and 14M photo so easy.

Storage by Micro-SD card and powered by built-in rechargeable battery.

With the
50x 5.0-inch LCD Digital Telescope, seeing far distance is no longer a pain; it is now a sheer pleasure.

Since it is high magnification telescope, it is highly suggested to mount it on a photography